Old Barns & Historic Places


Old Barns & Historic Places

Okay my HDR Friends, you’ve got me…yes, I love old barns, historic buildings and places (and why you see them so often on the blog) and very much like street photography, they are just excellent candidates for HDR applications whether from a single raw shot or multiple raw images.  Depending upon your own preference of application tools, you can really create a super-cool HDR photograph for digital or print and they are popular for folks looking for art to display. 

Historic buildings, barns and ruins are all over the world and for us who want to capture them, it is only a walk or short drive away and we do not have to travel far to find a plethora of various ones to photograph.  If you love old farms and barns, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, along the Blue Ridge, Ketoctin, Shenandoah and Allegheny Mountains there are many wonderful old farms and barns, ruins and historic places to photograph for years.  Additionally, the landscapes at sunrise and sunset are beautiful to behold giving you even more for your collection. 

If you are in the Northeast of the US, Pennsylvania [especially Dutch Country], Connecticut, New Hampshire [Mt. Washington] and Maine [especially in Autumn], offer some of the most beautiful farm country of every kind and description of old buildings and scenic places. The South, Central, Mid-West and West are filled with history, amazing structures and old historic places for photography but I am sure most of you know where they are.  We have traveled across the US many times and each time we are amazed at the beauty and places available to us to photograph and each time there is something new and wonderful for us to stop and shoot.   So then friends, grab your camera and take a walk and capture something wonderful and share it!


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