Great Falls and the Potomac River Gorge

“The Great Falls of the Potomac River is the most spectacular landscape feature of the Washington metropolitan area, and it has influenced the lives and fortunes of man in the Potomac Valley for centuries. For countless generations of Indians it was a place to gather, to trade, and to fish. For the early settlers it was a barrier to river navigation, an obstacle that canal builders struggled to overcome. For the past 100 years the river above the falls has been the principal source of water for the city of Washington.”
__The River & The Rocks

* * *

“The parks do not belong to one state or to one section…. The Yosemite, the Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon are national properties in which every citizen has a vested interest; they belong as much to the man of Massachusetts, of Michigan, of Florida, as they do to the people of California, of Wyoming, and of Arizona.”

“Who will gainsay that the parks contain the highest potentialities of national pride, national contentment, and national health? A visit inspires love of country; begets contentment; engenders pride of possession; contains the antidote for national restlessness…. He is a better citizen with a keener appreciation of the privilege of living here who has toured the national parks.”
___ Stephen T. Mather, NPS Director, 1917-1929:

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