Rain, Worldwide Photo Walks & HDR

Rain, Worldwide Photo Walks & HDR

The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2011 was a great success with over 27,954 walkers from 1,116 walk locations all over the world.  Some amazing images are circulating of every type and description including HDR and DRI.  The Winchester Photowalk, the location where jArt lead, we had pouring rain which produced beautiful light and reflections for the walkers.  I volunteered to help the newbie photographers and assist but did not shoot nor enter the contest.  I grabbed a few shots as time permitted in HDR just for fun.   This is the first image I have produced for public viewing utilizing HDR Efex Pro of [3@+2-0-_2] images.  The image depicts the photo walkers in action.

If you have not seen the images from that photo walk, you can view them at the Official Worldwide Photo Walk.


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