The Quarters – State Arboretum of Virginia

Springtime at the State Arboretum is always a wonderful time to visit. We have photographed it many times during different seasons and photography outings.   This image : “The Quarters: A historic landmark, this building contains administrative offices, a gift shop, library, dining room, kitchen facilities, wheelchair-accessible public restrooms, and overnight accommodations for up to 24 people.”

The State Arboretum of Virginia (also known as the Orland E. White Arboretum) occupies the central 172 acres of Blandy Experimental Farm. Started in the 1930s, it now contains over 5000 woody trees and shrubs from around the world. It is a reference garden for the Southeast Region of the American Conifer Society and includes the American Boxwood Society’s Memorial Garden.”

See another image from this photoshoot “A Road Less Traveled A Road Less Taken”  Many more to come of the beautiful flowering trees and amazing landscape.  Visit the Arboretum for more on this picturesque place. The blooming schedule is here.

HDR Notes:  PhotomatixPro4, PS-CS4, Topaz DeNoise,  JacyJoyPals Texture Overlay- Blue Linen (a free download)

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