The Ole Lime Company Ruins

Traveling the back roads of Stephens City, Virginia to Valerie Hill Winery & Vineyards for Wine Chics, we came upon the very interesting ruins of the old M.J. Grove Lime Company (later Shen-Valley Lime Corporation), along the present day CSX Transportation tracks. Upon close-up view (and not a ruin your could enter because of infestation of animals and dangers of collapse), we ventured as close as possible to grab these shots.  The top image in the storyboard is the ruins of the lime company and the bottom image is across the tracks to the ruins of the “CBS” building (not “CBS” as in “CBS” media group).

Stephen City Ruins

The image below was shot last year and featured on HDRCHIC of the opposite side of the CBS building. We were fascinated by the ruins so kept our commitment to return to this area to complete the shoot of the ruins and surrounding area.  These small towns and surrounding countryside deserve a further investigation of its history and secret places.

Country Roads


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