The Return to Secret Lake

The incredible sunsets of the Secret Lake have bidden us to return each season to photograph its beauty. Our last visit we were met with ice, snow and the bliss of winter. This returns breaks again in the sunsets that adorn this place. From every vantage place around the lake there is scenic beauty to behold and so we are reminded of the “Eye of the Beholder

Return to Secret Lake

~ ~ ~
“No golden sand of fabl’d river,

No jewel glittering for ever,
No wine-born vision’s melting quiver,

In vivid glory can compare
 With that which we ourselves prepare
To throw round that we fancy fair.

Never such beauty glittered yet,
In golden beams of suns that set
On cupola and minaret.

Never such beauty met men’s eyes
In silver light of moons that rise
O’er lonely lakes ’neath tropic skies.”
~ ~ ~

_James Michael – “The Eye of the Beholder’

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