Travel America Photo Walks

It’s July and we are on our Travel America Photo Walks with the @HDRChic and @WineChics team.  Beautiful places from mountain vistas, oceans, vineyards to secret locations for rest and relaxation with gear in tow.  The rainy days of late June and July coupled with the steamy weather during the day have been a challenge but we are all up to it and enjoying the travel not to mention enjoying fabulous food and conversation with great photogs.  We are on a quest for unknown and secret places. Until next time, happy July and 4th celebrations to our photog friends and photography lovers.  Did we mention wine lovers?  Be sure to visit our @WineChics blogs for updates on our HDR photography too. _Jay

* * *
This image from our Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains photo walk. This is one beautiful place, a national treasure. Go see it.

4 responses to “Travel America Photo Walks

  1. Thank you Garden Cottage for your kind comment and sharing. “Almost romantic” – it is a perfect setting for bridal, engagement, ethereal or wedding shot!

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