The Poet’s Song of the Trees

As we travel the hills, vales and lake country, we are inspired to take rest and gaze upon the beauty that lies before our eyes and take in all of its fullness before the invasion of our photography captures bits and pieces to travel back home as a reminder of what we have seen before us. So lovely, so serene, so poetic!

Song of the Trees

WE are the Trees.
Our dark and leafy glade
Bands the bright earth with softer mysteries.
Beneath us changed and tamed the seasons run:
In burning zones, we build against the sun
Long centuries of shade.

We are the Trees
That by great waters stand,
By rills that murmur to our murmuring bees.
And where, in tracts all desolate and waste,
The palm-foot stays, man follows on, to taste
Springs in the desert sand.

~ ~ ~

Excerpts, Song of the Trees by Mary Colborne-Veel

Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved
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