Red Sunrise, Heart Fire

The ocean sunrise calls us again to its hues of amber, red, purple and golden rays of the sun as it welcomes our morning visit and the storm that is threatening the day.  Is there anything in this vast universe so wonderful as the sunrise and sunsets over the oceans for lovers of waterscapes?  The serene beauty of capturing its changing colors with the eye and lens for moments of pure bliss.  It is  romantic and why we love seeing it, enjoying it, mesmerized by it and travel to the ends of the earth to capture it.  The poets know it well so we are sent to another time, another place to see what they saw and what future photographers and poets will see – red sunrise, hearts on fire.

~ ~ ~

THE LAKE comes throbbing in with voice of pain
Across these flats, athwart the sunrise [sunset] glow,
I see her face, I know her voice again,
Her lips, her breath, O God, as long ago.

To live the sweet past over I would fain,
As lives the day in the red sunrise [sunset] fire,
That all these wild, wan marshlands now would stain,
With the dawn’s memories, loves and flushed desire.”

~ ~ ~

Excerpt:  William Wilfred Campbell

Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved
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