Beautiful Oceans at Sunrise and Sunset

Amelia Island Sunrise-Sunsets

Is there anything better or a more romantic setting than the ocean at sunset [sunrise]?  Artists and photographers have captured the magnificence of this scene since the beginning and who cannot be inspired by such sights?  You can feel the sun and ocean mist upon your skin, walk upon its warm sand, smell and taste the salty ocean and dive into its depths, or, like me,  just drink in its beauty in solitude and photograph away.  Such a place as this beckons us back again and again.    It is no wonder that it is a favorite place for wedding nuptials, couples retreats, family vacations and subject for photographers and artists.  I am a slave to its beauty and spend as much blissful time there as possible.

This image is a compilation (HDR) (DRI) from my most recent visit to the ocean depicting my own version inspired by Dutch marine painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag’s (1831 – 1915)  “Setting Sun” [1887 Musée d’Orsay, Paris].  No photograph can compare to the beauty of the original painting but their work serves as an instrument of inspiration for landscape photographers to encourage them to create works of art.  We learn much by study of the art of the masters and can apply it to our own knowledge and creativity of good art. 

We begin our photography travels again in early spring through the fall 2020 and at the top of our list is to add as many oceans, seas, rivers and lakes we can cover to photograph and enjoy their beauty.   Perhaps we will capture that unique and beautiful image for our “masterpiece” collection too!

Happy Creating!

@jacyjoypals @HDRCHIC 

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