My City – Washington DC

On Friday, January 20, 2017 our new President of the United States Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office at the Capitol.  This is an earlier post showcasing our beautiful city from our Washington DC Photo Walk.

If you love beautiful architecture and history then Washington DC is the place to be for photography. We are native Washingtonians and no matter how many times we think we have photographed it all, we are reminded that we have just “tipped the iceberg” in shooting this amazing city. We have enjoyed many photo walks from our first photo walk and assignment in college until today.  It’s beauty is unsurpassed in our estimation. Our next adventure will occur in September/October with photo walks at sunrise-sunset in well-known and “so-called” secret locations. They will be fabulous photo walks and with the incredible restaurants, hotels, history and people in DC, just the best life has to offer for photographers.

This favorite image of the United States Capitol from one of our photowalks is my current timeline image.  It was shot in full-daylight with blazing sun, which, in DC, is a good time for the beauty of the alabaster to glow in its light.   It is truly a “shining City on a Hill”!

Photography: Art on Canvas, Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2017 All Rights Reserved  No Reblogs Please. Thanks

A Day at the Lake

We are a few days away from September and as photographers, we look forward to the season changes in our country.  We have some of the most beautiful locations for fall foliage in the world and great opportunities to photograph them.  This year we will travel around the country photographing famous state and national parks and foliage in beautiful locations.  This shot is from a local park during the fall foliage season of 2011.  Be inspired to get the foliage shot of the 2012 season even from a nearby place.  Foliage is everywhere present and amazing this time of the year. *

* Many local, state and national parks are closed for sunrise-sunset  so a little harder to be creative as we would like with light but the vibrant colors, light reflections and crisp sky still give us tools for a wonderful image for HDR/DRI.

Skyline Beauty

We continue with images from the amazingly beautiful Shenandoah National Park from our latest photoshoot.  The most striking scenes this visit were the wildflowers and trees so we spent most of our first day photographing those images.  As you look out from this point, you can see the mountains and hills covered with wildflowers and native plants.

Everywhere present from every angle wildflowers covered the trails, roadside, rocks, hills and forests and with the backdrop of the higher elevations and beautiful blue sky, a glorious sight to see.

Images from natural shooting or HDR cannot gather up this view by themselves, it must be viewed in person like the fall foliage.