There Was A Crooked Vintage Shack

This is an interesting place for shooting HDR Photography.  So many textures, color, interesting subjects and nothing pristine or perfect, just there and waiting for a shooter to capture it.  We liked how the “stuff” was just hanging around, crooked, broken, upside down and every kind of direction so if you do it, be sure to take a wide-angle and macro lens or versatile lens and then shoot till your drop.

Antiquing History in Black and White

If you love Ansel Adams and black-white photography, you will search out subjects and opportunities to shoot in black-white and sepia.  Antiquities, antiques, historic places and street photography are just perfect subjects and are easy accessible to all photographers wherever they live.  One does not have to travel far to find many excellent black-white photographic subjects.  Since we are history buffs and documenting national parks and historic places in the United States, it is one of our favorites to shoot.  This image was shot at an antique village in Virginia.