Glorious Color, Glorious Walk

From Spring to Fall, the walks, trails, landscapes take your breath away. Soon it will be spring and we will capture it again.

Jay&JacyPhotography for HDRCHIC
Ancient Trees Abound at Biltmore

“One of the amazing things about Biltmore is the fact that much of the land it encompasses consisted of worn–out farms and cut–over woodland when George Vanderbilt acquired it in the late 1880s and early 1890s. Many of the trees seen today were planted according to the design and plans for the estate created by noted landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. The lovely curved brick bridge, which you may recognize from a scene in the movie “Last of the Mohicans,” and the boat house on the north shore designed by the architect of Biltmore House, Richard Morris Hunt in collaboration with Olmsted, complete this beautiful setting.”_BiltmoreEstate

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Oh Beauty, Oh Blue Ridge

Asheville, North Carolina and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  A perfect view, feast for the eyes and place of refuge for the soul! 

Give me a mountain, a sunrise and sunset, a place to settle in and I shall be content! 

Beautiful Blue Ridge places for landscape and HDR photography here.

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