Spring is Coming: The Extraordinary Biltmore Estate

As the cold, snow and ice fill the air in the North East, we are again planning our spring travel itinerary and number one on our list every year is the amazing Biltmore Estate and Gardens. This historical place is a photographer’s dream from the beautiful architecture to the landscapes with the Blue Ridge mountains as a backdrop to the Conservatory, winery, equestrian center and more. Christmas at Biltmore offers even more and our favorite, the Festival of Flowers is a must-do for floral and landscape photographers. The Biltmore is very hospitable to photographers.

Biltmore Estate at Festival of Flowers

These images were photographed  in HDR in daylight between rain and storms which enhanced the colors for daytime images.  They are in storyboard form and compressed here for purposes of smaller files for viewing.

To visit Biltmore Estate


Festival of Flowers in Timelapse
Biltmore Estate Videos

Photography: Art on Canvas, Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved No Reblogs Please. Thank you

Sunrise Morning Mist to Infinity

~~A beautiful sight at sunrise as the mist covers us…

…the infinity…to the sunrise…

…to the golf course…

…all beautiful… Keswick Hall  in the Blue Ridge Mountains~~

Visions of Fall

As the foliage completes its change in the glow of November days, a walk in the park, a respite of quiet and beauty, a place to take in its beauty in quiet serenity.