There Was A Crooked Vintage Shack

This is an interesting place for shooting HDR Photography.  So many textures, color, interesting subjects and nothing pristine or perfect, just there and waiting for a shooter to capture it.  We liked how the “stuff” was just hanging around, crooked, broken, upside down and every kind of direction so if you do it, be sure to take a wide-angle and macro lens or versatile lens and then shoot till your drop.

Come Dine With Me

Travel Photography not only allows you to photograph magnificent landscapes and architecture but also to stay in beautiful hotels, resorts or rustic mountain top retreats and eat in great restaurants.  This is the main dining room at the Greenbrier Resort.  It is a favorite place for breakfast buffet or an elegant dinner.  The image cannot take in all of the ambience of it with multiples of these incredible chandeliers even with wide-angle lens and when they are lit, it is breathtaking to behold.   I was able to jump in before they opened grab a quick shot from one angle of the restaurant and even though it was bright daylight, the room is stunning to behold.

HDR Chic Galleries

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