Sunrise Morning Mist to Infinity

~~A beautiful sight at sunrise as the mist covers us…

…the infinity…to the sunrise…

…to the golf course…

…all beautiful… Keswick Hall  in the Blue Ridge Mountains~~

O Trees at Sunset, I am Mesmerized

O Trees at Sunset, I am Mesmerized

…O gnarled tree…you are loved yet!  I have found such beauty and respite at this place that I chose another image from this photoshoot to share this week.  There is really something quite poetic in this place from the beautiful sunrise-sunsets, hills and roads (the “Road Less Traveled is another from this series), the various trees, new, old and gnarled, gardens, secret pathways and more.  One easily loses themselves in the beauty of this place.

View larger size here.

The Final Walk

It has been a glorious autumn and we have taken good advantage of it on our photoshoot tours through America.  Our walks have enhanced our desire for true color that we find in creation and to replicate it in our art and photography through the means of  HDR-DRI and light.  We photographed thousands of HDR images that will last for years to come.  As we move in the next weeks to winter images, we share another favorite from the Shenandoah Valley Fall Photoshoot.