Sunrise Morning Mist to Infinity

~~A beautiful sight at sunrise as the mist covers us…

…the infinity…to the sunrise…

…to the golf course…

…all beautiful… Keswick Hall  in the Blue Ridge Mountains~~

Amelia Island Plantation Re-Imagination

One of our favorite places in the US is Amelia Island in Florida.  Amelia Island Plantation which we call our “home away from home” is under construction entitled “Re-Imagination” which will be completed in March 2013.  We photograph the island often and especially for sunrise-sunset, marshes and for waterscapes.  The Re-Imagination is quite spectacular and will bring so many wonderful new features and gorgeous subjects for photography.  Most of our friends here at HDRCHIC know how much we love this place.  We thought it proper to share some of our non-waterscape images before the new Re-Imagination is complete.  This image was shot from the beach as we returned from shooting the sunrise and surrounding areas.

The video below is the September 2012 construction update.

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A Day at the Lake

We are a few days away from September and as photographers, we look forward to the season changes in our country.  We have some of the most beautiful locations for fall foliage in the world and great opportunities to photograph them.  This year we will travel around the country photographing famous state and national parks and foliage in beautiful locations.  This shot is from a local park during the fall foliage season of 2011.  Be inspired to get the foliage shot of the 2012 season even from a nearby place.  Foliage is everywhere present and amazing this time of the year. *

* Many local, state and national parks are closed for sunrise-sunset  so a little harder to be creative as we would like with light but the vibrant colors, light reflections and crisp sky still give us tools for a wonderful image for HDR/DRI.