Travel America Photo Walks

It’s July and we are on our Travel America Photo Walks with the @HDRChic and @WineChics team.  Beautiful places from mountain vistas, oceans, vineyards to secret locations for rest and relaxation with gear in tow.  The rainy days of late June and July coupled with the steamy weather during the day have been a challenge but we are all up to it and enjoying the travel not to mention enjoying fabulous food and conversation with great photogs.  We are on a quest for unknown and secret places. Until next time, happy July and 4th celebrations to our photog friends and photography lovers.  Did we mention wine lovers?  Be sure to visit our @WineChics blogs for updates on our HDR photography too. _Jay

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This image from our Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains photo walk. This is one beautiful place, a national treasure. Go see it.

Historical Handley Library

The historical Handley Regional Library, a beautiful Beaux-Arts style building in the historic City of Winchester, Virginia. It is a favorite for historians and photographers alike.

“Judge John Handley of Scranton, Pennsylvania left $250,000 in his will to “ . . . open a Public Library for the free use of the people of the city of Winchester forever.” The Handley Trustees hired architects J. Stewart Barney and Henry Otis Chapman of New York who designed the building in Beaux-Arts style. The Handley Library opened in 1913 at a cost of $149,198 for the building and furnishings. An addition was added to the building in 1979 and a complete renovation, designed by Dennis Kowal Architects, was completed in 2001.”*


*Description and old photo, Handley Regional Library

Photowalks & Friends

HDR Photography at Photowalks for 2012:  Winchester Photowalk

WWPW-2012 City of Winchester - Jay&Jacy Photography ©2012 All R
This year has been great year of photowalks for our HDR friends here in Virginia.  The teams at Winchester Photowalk, Photowalk America and the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk are enjoying meeting up with fellow photogs to photograph America and the world.  Winchester Photowalk will be leading walks during the Christmas, holiday and Winter season.  Watch the blog for features of HDR photogs from those walks.