Our Monet Garten of Celestial Beauty

This ethereal place is an artist and photographers “Claude Monet” paradise and a secret location that few know. It is filled with beautiful and majestic trees, gossamer leaves of luminous light and color filtered with a lake of starlit reflective water that makes one paint it with their eyes and lens. Each view from every angle of the lake offers a different landscape perspective. It is our favorite photography spot for every season.  It is our “Monet Garten in Giverny.”


~ ~ ~ Autumn ~ ~ ~
Art on Canvas

This image is our first in the series of “Seasons” Art on Canvas to be offered for sale. The “SEASONS” – “Spring” “Summer” “Fall” and “Winter” will be showcased at our SmugMug galleries shortly.

Photography Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved
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