Saddle Up George!

On George Washington as horseman “The General Himself…breaks all his own horses; and he is a very excellent and bold horseman, leaping the highest fences, and going extremely quick.”  -Marquis de Chastellux in his journal, November 26, 1870.”

Stable, Mule Shed & Paddock

“George Washington was known far and wide as the “best horseman of his age.” He relied on horses for fox-hunting, racing, touring his large plantation, and pulling his coach or riding chair. Two of his best known horses were Nelson, who carried him through the Revolutionary War and later retired to Mount Vernon, and Magnolia, an Arabian stallion he raced in Alexandria. Washington broke and trained his own horses. His stables were under the supervision of Peter Hardiman, a slave, whose talent with horses and mules greatly impressed Washington.”_Mt. Vernon

HDR Notes:  Historical photography is a passion and in our PhotoTour America tour each year, we visit historical sites to capture their beauty and significance in our American history and which images create beautiful art and prints for interior design.  This HDR image created using Photomatix, Topaz DeNoise, Photoshop CS4 and Jacy JoyPals grunge texture as overlay.