Love Autumnal – When The Leaves Sound

The most beautiful time of the year arrays itself in magnificent color, azure skies and bursting sun-filled days. We are traveling the Shenandoah in search of the perfect southern fall landscape. Where will it be? High or low country? Valley or mountain top? Vineyard or farm?  Lakes or forests? Would it be we have many days of breathing in this beauty, fresh air with our companions in hand to capture it all. Come travel with us . . .

~ ~ ~
MY love will come in autumn-time
When leaves go spinning to the ground
And wistful stars in heaven chime
With the leaves’ sound.

Then, we shall walk through dusty lanes
And pause beneath low-hanging boughs,
And there, while soft-hued beauty reigns
We’ll make our vows.

Let others seek in spring for sighs
When love flames forth from every seed;
But love that blooms when nature dies
Is love indeed!

~ ~ ~

Love Autumnal, Oliver Jenkins

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Twins On The Lake Bank

The last days of autumn travel and photo walks are upon us.  We finished our travels on the East Coast, the Shenandoah Valley and final walks at several historic towns and parks.  We fell in love again with fall foliage season and its beautiful transitions to sleep for winter.  The skies, sunrise and sunsets have been breathtaking as well and we look forward to winter photo walks with those as backdrop to new-fallen snow and ice-laden lakes.  Travel with us . . .

~ ~ ~

“I will tell you when they parted:
When plenteous Autumn sheaves were brown,
Then they parted heavy-hearted;
The full rejoicing sun looked down
As grand as in the days before;
Only they had lost a crown;
Only to them those days of yore
Could come back nevermore.
When shall they meet? I cannot tell,
Indeed, when they shall meet again…”
~ ~ ~

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The Poet’s Song of the Trees

As we travel the hills, vales and lake country, we are inspired to take rest and gaze upon the beauty that lies before our eyes and take in all of its fullness before the invasion of our photography captures bits and pieces to travel back home as a reminder of what we have seen before us. So lovely, so serene, so poetic!

Song of the Trees

WE are the Trees.
Our dark and leafy glade
Bands the bright earth with softer mysteries.
Beneath us changed and tamed the seasons run:
In burning zones, we build against the sun
Long centuries of shade.

We are the Trees
That by great waters stand,
By rills that murmur to our murmuring bees.
And where, in tracts all desolate and waste,
The palm-foot stays, man follows on, to taste
Springs in the desert sand.

~ ~ ~

Excerpts, Song of the Trees by Mary Colborne-Veel

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