Antietam, The Other Side

Photographing and filming The American Civil War history has been a passion and favorite photographic subject. It takes us on travel throughout the United States to beautiful places and National Parks that have restored and maintained these historical sacred grounds. Autumn is the most popular time to visit and photograph them in their splendor and natural beauty. The image below is the North side of Burnside’s Bridge. See our earlier Antietam post for another view of the bridge and our early work in film here.

The National Archives and Antietam National Battlefield Park offer a host of original images, sketches and paintings of this battle and its aftermath. We featured some of those images in our earlier post above and a slideshow here of Burnside’s Bridge as it was in September 1862.

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“Historic Photographs by Alexander Gardner
Alexander Gardner took 70 photographs of the battlefield starting just two days after the battle. This was the first time an American battlefield had ever been photographed before the dead had been buried. Gardner returned in early October when President Lincoln visited General George McClellan and the Army of the Potomac and took another series of images. Gardner, 41 years old at the time of the battle, was employed by Mathew Brady who owned of a photography gallery in Washington, D.C. during the Civil War.”

Slideshow Image Credit:
Historical Photographs of Alexander Gardner, Antietam National Battlefield Park and National Archives.

HDR Image: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved
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Hunting Vintage Whimsy

We have returned to that treasure trove in Virginia of funky, whimsical and interesting finds for gardens and of course, photography.  Our @WineChics travel allows us to hit the country back roads, antique villages, historical markets in history-rich areas of Virginia Wine Country so it doubles our fun so much so that we plan a wine treasure hunt over the summer with photog friends.  Like our Vintage Shack HDR post, there is so much happening here that the Canons gobble them up and Photomatix is in raptures.  Next trip will be early morning sunrise or sunset — you can just imagine that in your creative mind.  Fun and funky stuff – a break from the serious landscapes and portraits.  These images were perfect candidates for Color Efex Pro and texture overlay just to give them pure whimsy.