Shop Until You Drop & More

It’s that time again!  Wow, love to Christmas shop in elegant shops? Eat in fine restaurants? Visit the Casino, Spa or Games?  How about Ice Skating, Hot Chocolate, Snow, Skiing, Sleigh Rides & Horseback Riding, Shooting, Mountains and beautiful surroundings?  It is the time of the year, that “most wonderful time” to take a little holiday vacation or visit your favorite city or country places for a taste of the season.  At our recent photo tour and conference at Greenbrier, we took advantage of the surrounding beauty and tastes of the season.  As we are off for the “Christmas in the City” (Country) jaunt to favorites cities and country places, delicious photographic and fun adventures await us.   Whether you are traveling or at home, this is a favorite time to experiment with photography and especially lighting and HDR whether as novice, intermediate or professional.  Grab those cameras and go shoot and share!__jacy

This image depicts my “black&white tiled road to goodies” at Greenbrier Resort shops, casino and restaurants, spa, pools, gym & more and this is only one floor of goodies…. a fun place!  The most fun you ask?  Photographing the Christmas lights and trees!  A revisit this month for more!!
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Crystal Lights of Festive Color

It’s that time again!!!! We are revisiting our posts of Christmas past as we prepare the new images for this year.  It is surely a beautiful time of the year of festive lights and joy!

It’s Christmastime and that is exciting for us as photographers as we tour resorts, wineries, Christmas light shows and more to capture the beauty of the season. On the JayJacy Photography blog we are featuring 25 Days of Beautiful Christmas Trees as it is, of course, one of our favorite subjects of Christmas photography and every year at every place we are dazzled by the artistic creations of the designers. This is a favorite from “The Greenbrier Resort” photoshoot.  The colors and lighting were magnificent.

You can visit the JayJacy blog for more Christmas Tree inspiration.

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Love Autumnal – When The Leaves Sound

The most beautiful time of the year arrays itself in magnificent color, azure skies and bursting sun-filled days. We are traveling the Shenandoah in search of the perfect southern fall landscape. Where will it be? High or low country? Valley or mountain top? Vineyard or farm?  Lakes or forests? Would it be we have many days of breathing in this beauty, fresh air with our companions in hand to capture it all. Come travel with us . . .

~ ~ ~
MY love will come in autumn-time
When leaves go spinning to the ground
And wistful stars in heaven chime
With the leaves’ sound.

Then, we shall walk through dusty lanes
And pause beneath low-hanging boughs,
And there, while soft-hued beauty reigns
We’ll make our vows.

Let others seek in spring for sighs
When love flames forth from every seed;
But love that blooms when nature dies
Is love indeed!

~ ~ ~

Love Autumnal, Oliver Jenkins

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