The Vineyard

Some of the most beautiful landscape photography is captured of rolling hills, mountains, valleys and breathtaking sunrise-sunsets of wine country.  It has become a favorite landscape photography for HDRCHIC and why we now focus our travels on vine, vineyard and viticulture photography via our WineChics in addition to our historical photography.  From Virginia to  California, Italy, France, Australia and beyond, the opportunity to shoot beautiful images is endless and at the same time enjoy the ambience and total wine experience.

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Awesome Adventures: Trump Winery

Virginia is wine country and Charlottesville’s Trump Winery and Vineyards is an awesome adventure you will not want to miss on your wine tours. Spectacular location, gorgeous views and fine wines. Pictured in HDR “Trump Tasting Room”

hrchic-trump-3-600-2“Trump Winery is situated in the heart of the Monticello Wine Trail in Charlottesville, Virginia. Just a few miles from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Trump Winery follows Jefferson’s footsteps in making new world wines inspired by the French wine regions of Bordeaux and Champagne. With a deep sense of place we aim to tie together terroir and innovation.”_Trump Winery