Broadway Art That’s Design Fun (Again!)

I recently had requests for my HDR images of Broadway at the Beach for interior design projects and rooms.   Children love colorful art and especially of places where they enjoy going, i.e., Disney World, Air & Space (NASA), sporting events and things that remind them of good and favorite times.  These two images are from the “Art on Canvas Series” “Broadway at the Beach” created for a design project. They are in HDR and processed in Cartoon-style which fits the occasion and room.  Creating art from our photography is important as it opens the opportunity for many other creative ways to use our photography in design. -JacyJoyPals

Broadway at the Beach  – Eat at Joes

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2016-2019
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The Burning Sun of Dawn’s Awake

Love captured in the glorious beauty of the sun as it burns bright in its sunrise and sunset and illuminates the skies in artistic hues to take one’s breath away.

The Dawn’s Awake!

THE DAWN’S awake!
A flash of smoldering flame and fire
Ignites the East. Then, higher, higher,
O’er all the sky so gray, forlorn,
The torch of gold is borne.

The Dawn’s awake!
The dawn of a thousand dreams and thrills.
And music singing in the hills
A pæan of eternal spring
Voices the new awakening.

The Dawn’s awake!
Whispers of pent-up harmonies,
With the mingled fragrance of the trees;
Faint snatches of half-forgotten song—
Fathers! torn and numb,—
The boon of light we craved, awaited long,
Has come, has come!*

*Otto Leland Bohanan

Photography: Art on Canvas, Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved
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Historic Winchester

In our historic and architectural photography work we have documented our beautiful historic town of Winchester, Virginia (circa 1732) which is under now under restoration including the famous “Loudoun Street Pedestrian Mall.”   We have been documenting the city for the last ten years including photo walks and historic events.  This image depicts it now and is a part of our Historic Winchester Art on Canvas Series in HDR.

Our Town

The mall houses many of our historic buildings including our Old Court House Civil War Museum (1852) which has been wonderfully captured by Mort Kunsler in his beautiful painting “After the Snow.”   [See our earlier posts of this historic city for our courthouse and civil war images.]


“Winchester and Frederick County was once Shawnee Indian camping grounds to which Pennsylvania Quakers came to settle in 1732. The town was named Frederick Town after Frederick, father of George III of England. In 1752 the name was changed to Winchester in honor of the ancient English capital.  In the mid-1700’s, Frederick County became the military and political training ground for George Washington, who came here at the age of sixteen to survey the lands of Thomas, the Sixth lord Fairfax. Washington built Fort Loudoun during the French and Indian War and, at twenty-six, was elected to his first public office as the county’s representative to the House of Burgesses. During the Revolutionary War, Daniel Morgan’s Rifleman from Frederick County were among the first who came to Washington’s aid against the British. Winchester was a strategic prize of great importance during the Civil War. The area became the scene of six battles during the Civil War, and the city itself changed flags around seventy times during the four year conflict. General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson demonstrated his military leadership in the Valley Campaign.” 1/

1/ [Description Credit: Winchester Visitor Center]