Mesmerized by Watercolors

I am mesmerized by the beauty of watercolors in nature and art.  How can we not be awestruck by the glorious shades of an evening sunset or morning sunrise?  They are the beauty in nature which encapsulates a feast of the eyes, a letter written on our hearts and the place we find beauty and respite from the cares of life. It is no wonder then that so much of our literature includes them.  As photographers, we MUST capture them at every opportunity in every place in our world.  For us, a return to the Marshes of Amelia Island, Florida and South Carolina give us photography enough art for a lifetime. They are in our estimation the joy in photography and art.

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Come To The Pier With Me

Heading out to St. Augustine once again to capture the beauty of this area, its historical architecture and glorious waterfront, ocean, beaches and more. Go capture beauty!

It’s Spring and we are excited for our season of ocean, beach and waterfront adventures.  We are shooting as many ocean piers in the states as we can and then off to other places to capture them.  This image is the St. John’s County Fishing Pier in St. Augustine, Florida from our series on Florida piers and oceanfront vistas.

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Return to The Castillo

We have returned once again to The Castillo de San Marcos, site of the oldest masonry fort in the United States. It is located in the city of St. Augustine, Florida and always a favorite photographic stop for the history and beauty of this amazing place.  This image was photographed on a blazing hot 100- degree day but the interior rooms were actually bearable.  One can almost “feel” the intensity of this place not only in the weather but in its history.  Add it to your “places to visit and photograph” list.


HDR NOTES:    Canon5DMarkII, Canon EF16-35L @23mm [3@-0-_2+2] processed Photomatix Pro 5, PS-CS6, Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Adjust5

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