Amelia Island – Come Walk With Me

Amelia Island – Come Walk With Me 2:

I love to walk…beach, mountains, hills, woods and anywhere where I am surrounded by nature or beautiful architecture with my camera gear in tow ready to capture the beauty of it. I especially love to walk the beach at sunrise and sunset.  Amelia Island is the perfect place for nature walkers (and photographers, of course) for feasts of delights for the eyes and soul.  From the majestic ocean and Intracoastal Waterway views to the glorious sunrise-sunsets, boardwalk waterways and marshes, to the Sunken Forest, Aury Island, Drummond Point Park and Walker’s Landing and more — it’s a little heavenly bit of Eden on earth.

On this year’s Amelia Island photo tour, we spent days walking the trails throughout the island winding through Spanish moss-draped live oaks and palmettos which opened to gorgeous ocean and marsh views.  A gear-laden photog can exhaust themselves very quickly so with Canon5dMII and tripod in tow, I left our gear [that’s it right there sitting on the sand in the middle of the photo] to follow the walk to the open marshes to view its plethora of waterfowl, wildlife, flora and after shooting, we returned and I was glad to see the gators, crocks or a photog wannabe  had not absconded with our gear!

And finally, the anticipation of the “Sunken Forest” that trails down, then winding up to spectacular views of the ocean.  My new favorite private spot on the island. It doesn’t get better than this — sunrise in all its glory!

There’s more to come…watch for new postings. Until then, enjoy the views and if you want a truly enjoyable photography adventure, visit Amelia Island.

Photo Credit:  Jay&Jacy Photography for HDRCHIC


Amelia Island Plantation


Reaching For the Heavens

This morning was another one of those extremely beautiful sunrises.  The snow had fallen overnight and clung to the trees and again takes the breath away.  We often see beautiful sunrise-sunsets here in the Valley so I am re-sharing one of our favorites and has become a favorite print for many of our friends.

~ ~ ~

The amazing and beautiful sunrise of winter coupled with snow and special lens makes one want the cold winter to linger. It’s enough to make one wax poetic!

Morning Snow Sunrise

~ ~ ~
HOW clear, how keen, how marvellously bright
The effluence from yon distant mountain’s head,
Which, strewn with snow smooth as the sky can shed,
Shines like another sun–on mortal sight
Uprisen, as if to check approaching Night,
And all her twinkling stars. Who now would tread,
If so he might, yon mountain’s glittering head–
Terrestrial, but a surface, by the flight
Of sad mortality’s earth-sullying wing,
Unswept, unstained? Nor shall the aerial Powers
Dissolve that beauty, destined to endure,
White, radiant, spotless, exquisitely pure,
Through all vicissitudes, till genial Spring
Has filled the laughing vales with welcome flowers.
William Wordsworth
~ ~ ~

Notes: I shot this from the Promise Gardens at sunrise.  This makes three early morning fantastic colored skies.  Processing: HDR, DRI, PS-CS6, Topaz DeNoise, Color Efex-Pro

Beautiful Morning, Majestic Skies

How beautiful is the sunrise as its majestic colors of the rainbows lighten the skies in the warm glow of morning.  I am mesmerized by sunrise and its sudden beauty and often taken by surprise and not camera ready as in this case.  It lit up my bedroom with rainbow shades and I only had a few minutes to grab the shot with the iPhone.  Awesome is the sunrise and its twin the sunset so whether by mega camera gear or iPhone it is adored and captured. for ClassyHDRChic

“O Sunrise in Majestic Beauty
You awaken my heart to unspeakable beauty
I can behold your glorious color with my eyes
But only capture you as you allow.”_jacyjoypals

~ ~ ~

Photography: Art on Canvas, Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved, No Reblogs Please. Thank you