The Quest for Pastel Skies

It’s summer for many of us and that means oceans, lakes and beach travel.  For photographers the opportunity to shoot and find interesting new ocean views that will generate creative photography and art.  I am on a quest for pastel skies, a desired look that is always in the back of my mind’s eye as I travel to beach locations.  It became a “quest” after a terrific Florida thunderstorm when the skies went from various shades of blues to gorgeous pastel hues with sweeping clouds that took the breath away.  Not only was it dreamy but also artistically a “Monet” perfect sky.   Many times it takes a storm or its aftermath to produce those colors and of course, rainbows so we travel out again to ocean locations for sunrise, sunsets and pastel skies.  The images in this gallery are from our previous excursions.  See our technical comments below.  Cheers, _jacy


HDR-DRI Notes:
Canon5DMarkII, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L, 3 bracketed images processed Photomatix Pro 4, PS-CS6, Topaz DeNoise, Texture-Canvas Overlays

Copyright, JayJacy Photography-©2013 All Rights Reserved – Please no reblogs. Thanks.


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    • Robertsitalia, WP did something funny with the comment when I changed from slideshow so I have added it back. Thanks again for your kind comment.

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