Mystified By Your Colors

One cannot explain how beautiful the colors of the skies are with words and how those colors appear to the eye of the beholder as they change from moment to moment.  I do have my head in the skies from early morning to late blue hour evenings and especially at oceans ends.  It is no wonder that I love HDR Photography (or Digital Blending techniques) for the ability to capture and enhance those captures with amazing tools to create photographic beauty.  It seeps into one’s soul and desire for wanting more and why I am often at the seashore to relish in it.

Photography: Art on Canvas, Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved, No Reblogs Please. Thank you

This storyboard features the process for these images: Final processed image; Photomatix Pro 5  image; 3 images captured for process.

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